We specialty engage in developing and manufacting electrical fittings. We have got more than 30 special technique patents.Our products are all CCC, ENEC, VDE, TUV or UL certified and have been confirmed by lots of famous customers, they are widely used to take the place of imported parts.

UL Certificated Laboratory

Fitting Shop
  • Switch series
    KCD Series Rocker Switches
    KCD Series Switch Water-proofs
    KJD Series Keytype Switches
    FD Type SAFETY Switch
    XCK Type Micro Switch
    XK Series Rotary Switches (Turn Switch)
    LK Type Current Switch
    SK1 Water Level Switch
  • Indicator Light series
    KCD, YD Series Indicator Light

  • Conductive Ring
  • Temperature control, limitation and adjustment parts and switches series
    KSD Series Thermo-controls (Thermo-limitations)
    TW Thermo-ajusting Switch
    YKW Series Thermo-limitations
  • Thermometer, thermo-display series
    WB Series Thermo-meters
    WX Series Thermo-displays
  • Elec-magnetic water-in valve series
    DSF Electromagnetic Valve Series
  • Connection terminals and cases series
    JX Series Connection Terminals and Cases
  • Motivator series
    TD Series Motivators
  • SMT service [Surfacd Mounting Technolegy]